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From: The Office of John Thornhill
Re: Paid Traffic v Free Traffic

Have you tried paying for traffic? I have and I've lost money every single time. The main reason I have failed to make this work is because I had to pay on average well over $2 to have one person visit my site? While it may work if you are a Pay Per Click expert and are promoting an extremely high converting offer let’s be honest, most people can't make a profit from Paid advertising.

And that’s before you go through the rigmarole of getting your ad approved! Have you ever tried to get an Ad campaign set up on Google? Most of the time your ads get rejected, or you have to pay crazy money to have an ad show, it’s as if Google doesn't want your money, and they certainly didn’t want mine, allow me to explain …

… I was promoting one of my products via Google Adwords and one day I logged into my account and this is the message I was greeted with.

Actual Screenshot From my Google Account

What the **** No emails to explain why this happened, no phone calls, no warnings, nothing. Google simply didn't want my business. I had done nothing wrong, nothing illegal, no black hat techniques, nothing! I was merely trying to drive some legitimate traffic to my business.

After Google Where do You go? Facebook of Course

And that's exactly what I did...

Once again I was back in the realms of PPC and buying traffic. Once again I purchased product after product and course after course to help me get the best from Facebook ads, and while I was now buying traffic at a cheaper rate I didn't really know what I was doing.

I’m sure you can relate to this if you have seen the Facebook Ads interface. There are so many variables to choose from it can make your head spin, and don't even get me started on getting ads approved. If you've used Facebook for ads you have probably seen this message.

Actual Screenshot From my Facebook Account

This is basically Facebook's way of saying they don't want your business. After seeing this message a few times I pulled the plug on paid traffic and started to think of other ways to drive traffic.

Paid Traffic v Free Traffic

The next step on the great list of traffic techniques is Search Engine Optimization or SEO as the experts call it. This involves building your websites with intricate SEO techniques such as meta tags, header tags, alt tags, site maps, link building, key words, backlinking, ect, etc the list goes on and on and on

What I did learn is that SEO is great if you have a content rich website which is being continually updated and you know the in’s and out’s of Googles algorithm. You may just stand a chance of landing on page 1 of your chosen key words, which is super cool but beware!

The mighty Google can change their algorithm at any time and with updates such as Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Mobilegeddon and a whole host of other updates set to kill your business, your website can disappear from page one to page none at the flick of Googles switch, leaving your business dead in the water!

Seriously, do you want this stress in your business? I certainly don’t

The Harsh Truth is Depending on Google, Facebook, or
any Third Party For Your Traffic is a Huge Mistake

I Create my Own Traffic That Will Never Stop

Today all of my website traffic is generated from my own efforts, efforts that I have perfected over the years that have created up to 16,364 targeted visitors per day and returned revenue in excess of $200,000 per month!

Because I don’t rely heavily on Google, Facebook or anyone else I don't really care what they do, in fact Google & Facebook could close down their sites tomorrow and it wouldn’t have much effect on the traffic I receive. How many marketers can say that? Sure, I do receive a small amount of traffic from Google & Facebook but the bulk of my traffic comes from my own efforts that I have perfected over the years. 

Do you know the best thing about this type of traffic? I don’t spend a single penny to get it and I spend about 1-2 hours per week tweaking things. I’ve generated millions of website visitors and seen income returns of over $200,000 per month using these simple methods and that is what I want to share with you today.

I have been trying and testing these methods for over 10 Years and earned millions of dollars in the process so I know my methods work!

Simple Traffic Solutions reveals the secrets to tried and tested sustainable traffic methods without the help of Google, Facebook PPC or SEO techniques. Simple Traffic Solutions uses simple but highly effective tried and tested methods that I use in my business on a daily basis. Anyone can copy my traffic methods to build endless traffic streams to their business.

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I have been where you are today. Constantly looking out for the next new solution to drive traffic to my business. Tirelessly seeking out the secrets to massive traffic and the ways to build a successful business!

The truth is, there is no magic formula, there are no secret recipes to gaining massive traffic. Don’t be fooled by claims of hidden traffic riches or the next phoney traffic technique that is sure to land your business in trouble. The bottom line is…

You need a traffic system that is PROVEN to work!

And that is what I want to provide for you today. Take a look at my system and exactly what I want to share with you.

That's Over 1 Million Visitors to Just One Marketing
Platform Resulting in Over 1 Million Dollars in Sales

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  • How to automate over 95% of your traffic efforts. I now spend less than 2 hours per week driving traffic to my websites because I have learned how to automate most of my traffic sources.
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  • The most crucial mistake other marketers make that kills their efforts. There is a fundamental reason why most people fail at driving traffic. It’s possible you are making this mistake right now, once you know why most people fail you will never make this mistake yourself.
  • How to get other people to send you tons of traffic for almost no effort. That’s right, you can capitalise on the efforts of others and have thousands of people send traffic to your websites.

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  • These training modules cover everything you need to know about generating all the free traffic you can handle in great detail. Nothing is left out and no matter what level of experience you’re at, these modules will quickly turn you into a traffic generation expert in no time at all.

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  • These worksheets explain step by step what you need to do with each traffic campaign. All you need to do is print off your worksheets and work through them, checking off each task as it is completed. This really is as step by step as I can make it.

All The Traffic You Can Handle

Remember! Without traffic a website is useless and THAT'S A FACT. Without traffic you can’t make any sales and without sales you will be out of business. I can show you via my proven methods how to drive all the traffic you need to your websites.

Once you begin to apply my techniques you will start to see results within hours, then as time goes by the amount of traffic will increase significantly until you have all the traffic you can handle.

Randy Smith

Hi John,

THANK YOU for Simple Traffic Solutions! When I logged in and checked the site I was GobSmacked' (to coin a local phrase) I expected to see a quick report mentioning a few free traffic sources I already knew about! I didn't honestly expect to see the "Most Comprehensive Guide" I've seen in my ten years online for getting free traffic! Nor did I expect the amount of step by step videos - what a bonus those are. And the 'Checklists' are fantastic!

A newbie working through these will without doubt consider STS their BEST EVER purchase, and a seasoned pro, I'm sure, will hand this over to their staff with the simple instruction to follow the checklists and go through the material!

Congrats on a TRUE resource that everyone will value for years to come! What's the deal with the amazingly low price???? You'll have others complaining very soon for giving this much value at such a low price point!!

Randy Smith
Brian Oliver

Johns easy teaching style is the best way for me to learn.

The step by step approach he shows in his videos means I can actually absorb all the content, and copy his methods to grab a boat load of traffic. I have already implemented one tactic with great results.

John's tips on free traffic sources are like a breath of fresh air, especially after failing and losing cash, with so called 'push button traffic techniques' . The members area is brimming with goodies. I am definitely going to 'steal' some of his ideas and use them in my upcoming products! And drive ton of traffic to them.

Brian Oliver
Michael Cheney

I've been doing internet marketing for a LONG time and I thought I knew everything there was to know about getting traffic, but I was wrong. John's Simple Traffic Solutions has taught me some killer new traffic methods that I've started to implement and already get results from.

I remember when John Reese's $997 Traffic Secrets was released many years ago and how excited I was to get my hands on the product. And yes, it WAS great, but I actually think John Thornhill's Simple Traffic Solutions is better because it's easier to digest, offers more down to earth practical advice and presents the information in an easy to follow sequence. Plus not forgetting of course - you can grab the entire thing for a FRACTION of the price!

Michael Cheney

Let me be Straight With You

Driving traffic, and making a ton of sales, is NOT brain surgery.

It’s not difficult to do, and you can do it on a consistent basis… but ONLY when you have the correct formula in place.

See, most would-be Internet Marketers “think” they know how to effectively drive traffic… but when it comes down to it they're barely scratching the surface, just like everyone else!

But thanks to Simple Traffic Solutions I’ve a created a system that has enabled me to generate over a million visitors to my websites and make sale after sale… time and time again.

Inside Simple Traffic Solutions I’ll show you step by step the exact methods I’ve used to become a full time Internet Marketer since 2005 and create a life that most people can only dream about.

What’s more, I’m going to give you a step by step secret master plan that will reveal every single aspect of the traffic generation process I use to earn thousands on a consistent basis.

Literally nothing will be left out as I reveal my most closely guarded secrets for the very first time. Everything is explained in painstaking detail to ensure that you will learn exactly how to do things the right way from the start.

Remember, this is a complete step by step home study course that will guide you through the whole process of generating all the traffic you need. You're going to get checklists, training videos, mindmaps, worksheets, case studies, templates, powerful advice and much, much more!

It's finally time to forget all that as I’m going to reveal to you my proven and powerful methods for all the traffic your websites can handle!

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Look, it’s important to be honest. Simple Traffic Solutions is a complete training program that is absolutely packed full of value… and will fast track your route to online success in no time.

We’re NOT talking about an eBook containing second hand information filled with fluff. This is a step by step course that is jam packed full of brand new information that will help you start making money today.

It’s also important to remember I’ve spent a lot of money and countless sleepless nights perfecting my formula. You could try to figure this out for yourself and it would probably take you years… or you could invest in Simple Traffic Solutions right now and take the shortcut to online success.

When you consider that Simple Traffic Solutions is a complete step by step home study course it’s easy to see why it could easily walk off the shelves for $197, or $297 or more.

In fact, I could even package this up as physical product… put everything into a big box and whack a $997.00 price tag on it. And then sit back and watch the cash roll in, but those who know me understand that’s not how I like to do things. Never have and never will.

I like to give back as much as I can and I’m certainly not going to stop now. Yes, people might think I’ve gone a bit mad, but I want to even the playing field a little, and make Simple Traffic Solutions affordable to all.

Which is why if you download right now then you certainly won’t be paying $297 for all of this valuable content. Heck, you won’t even be paying $197.

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I know this works. And all the people who’ve used this also know it works.

But you might be skeptical and that’s perfectly normal. I get that.

So you can come on board, apply the methods and then judge for yourself.

You can have this working within hours.

But I’ll go even further than that and give you 60 days to try the whole thing out.

If, for whatever reason, you want your money back just let me know before the 60 days is passed and you’ll get a no quibble, no questions asked refund and we will still be friends.

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Yes there were some half baked black hat and PPC traffic manuals that emptied my wallet rather than filling it, but nothing from someone with 10 years traffic experience! Nothing from a testing crazy, banned from Google, won't take no for an answer, won't lay down kind of guy like me.

This is why Simple Traffic Solutions was created. To fill the traffic gap and provide you with exactly what you need now.

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